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  1. Malachi 4:6 Your take on this passage?
  2. The Calling, The Choosing, The Chosen, "Saints"
  3. The Bibles Signs in our Sky
  4. Recent War In Our Solar System.
  5. Resource Harvesting - Mining In Our Solar System
  6. A Bible Translation or A Guide To Transliteration?
  7. The BET or Bad ET Thread
  8. 666 Devalued To 616
  9. Awareness level re War in Solar system
  10. The Bible's Time Line
  11. What "Kinds" of ETs ? Plant? Flesh? Insect? Energy?
  12. Agenda For Dissemination of Information
  13. Seven Seals, Trumpets & Vials
  14. "Sol System War", The Video
  15. Investigating Aryes Rock / Uluru
  16. Investigating the Plain of Jars, Laos
  17. A Good Video about the Nephilim
  18. Controversial Victoria psychiatrist Abram Hoffer
  19. New Cloud Type
  20. One Less on the List of Lost Books of the Bible
  21. Continuing Crater Research
  22. End Times Earthquakes
  23. Book, Five Years After Disclosure with Articles and Research
  24. Concentric Craters, another SIGN of War?