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  1. Microsoft's hidden files (some of them, at least)
  2. Roots of evil in Jerusalem
  3. Deep Underground Military Bases - video
  4. IAC (Information Acquisition and Control) Agents
  5. Nine H-bombs exploded below the Arctic Ocean
  6. The Trouble with the Truth Movement
  7. Statism is (Human) Slave Lifestock Managment
  8. Perusing The Ocean Floor
  9. Don't Think About Phobos!
  10. Underwater Anomalies in the Andes of Peru
  11. What about secret space programs ?
  12. What are the PTB up to on Mars??!
  13. Breitenwinner Cave, Berthold Buchner 1535
  14. Lake Baikal, Russia, Eastern Siberia
  15. Wow, I knew they are evil, but .. Amazing !
  16. APOD looking for answers again
  17. Mythology of the missing planet
  18. Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe
  19. Zorgon's Path of Oh Shits
  20. Symbols and Messages in Comic Books
  21. Kay Griggs' story. No surprise if true.
  22. Archaeology We Are Not Suppose To Know About
  23. Armenia? Post Deluge Cradle of Life?
  24. Ancient single-seat rocket-ship?
  25. The best 911 Videos.
  26. Zapruder + how many more filmed JFK hit ?
  27. Movies, Information Control and Twists of the Truth
  28. Fluoride; POISON in our WATER ! !
  29. Genetically Modified Food of Monsanto
  30. Ok...What's with the people eating people stuff??
  31. Possession? or what?!?!
  32. Batman Theater attack raises more questions...
  33. video: The Marketing of Madness (shrinks and the drugs they push)
  34. Surveillance camera catches Teleportation
  35. Kombucha tea (pronounced kom-BOO-cha) ancient folk remedy
  36. Noory's guest said Step pyramids were made for placer mining
  37. What did huge silent triangle craft drop into Black Diamond Lake, WA ?
  38. Newtown, Conn., School Shootings (Adam Lanza)
  39. Compiling a list of Drug induced shootings, another step closer...
  40. The Bible and UFO / ETs
  41. 200,000 year old Metropolis Found in Africa
  42. Flying Submarines ?
  43. He says he hunts aliens.
  44. From infomatic films department of disclosure
  45. 'Recent' news vs Galactic time.
  46. Ancient harbors submerged 7000 years ago
  47. Nuclear fear is a big scam? Credible?
  48. Big fake ship in Japan ?
  49. Space faring hexagons
  50. Hoagland mentions "catastrophic war"
  51. Ancient submerged civiliazations
  52. A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion
  53. Why are Israelis in Nepal and Tibet
  54. NASA knows of no asteroid
  55. An Amazing Read Charles Fort
  56. California fires? , , , or?
  57. Deborah Lipstadt: Behind the lies of Holocaust Denial WAR ON TRUTH!