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  1. The "Oh Shit" Syndrome
  2. The Firmament: a poser.
  3. The Bible As A Legal Document
  4. Who & Why Are The ETs Amongst Us?
  5. What does the Bible say about "Science" ?
  6. The "Incompetence Syndrome"; Struck With Blindness!
  7. End Times UFO Connection. Truth?
  8. The Two Witnesses and Elijah
  9. Taking this to the next level.
  10. Which Bible Should I Read?
  11. Baptizing; Who, When, How, and Why?
  12. B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws
  13. Dr. I.D.E. Thomas on BETs
  14. Signs In The Heavens
  15. Illnesses, Common Sense. What the Bible Says