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  1. Anti-Gravity Is A Reality
  2. Astronomy & Amature Astronomy - Telescopes
  3. Is there wood on Mars?
  4. This Week Outside: Venus+Jupiter+Moon= :)
  5. Thought Police Coming Soon
  6. Wrong type of technolgy
  7. Robot with a rat brain
  8. Ancient Robots
  9. The World of Free Energy, by Peter Lindeman
  10. Great low tech free indoor Lighting Idea
  11. Sixty-Four Scenes from Saturn (QuickTime VID)
  12. Apollo Space Suit No. 3
  13. 1,000 new jungle species discovered
  14. Microsoft releases emergency patch for perilous IE flaw
  15. Pyramid Building Solved?
  16. Yellowstone National Park - 23 earthquakes in two days
  17. Enceladus During a Close Flyby
  18. Fastest police cars
  19. Galactic Drift and Mass Extinction
  20. Lilypad - A Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees
  21. Demonstration of a NonLethal Weapon
  22. Astronomy; "Mars" Share Your Pictures.
  23. 1859 Solar Flare/EM storm shocks telegraph operators
  24. Crystal Cave of Giants: Biggest crystals on the planet
  25. Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation
  26. Comet Lulin Debuts in the Inner Solar System
  27. Milk - the deadly poison
  28. Navy Ships = Space Ships?
  29. Garrett Lisi on Everything
  30. Moon Buggies
  31. Size of Planets and Suns
  32. Whats up with Global Warming?
  33. 13 Unsolved scientific puzzles
  34. H1N1 type A influenza
  35. Fireballs, post your pictures.
  36. Interesting Theory on Singularity
  37. Space junk threat worries space station
  38. How many creations...
  39. Undersea Volcano Erupts Near Tonga
  40. laser capable of simulating force of hydrogen bomb
  41. Cyber Attacks Against US Infrastructure
  42. How We Got Technology?
  43. How are your teachers?
  44. Worst warming impacts avoidable if ...
  45. Missing sunspots ?
  46. NASA's mission to bomb the Moon
  47. Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Pluto Files
  48. Time in Space vs Bone Loss
  49. Saturn to Pull Celestial Houdini on Aug. 11
  50. Stardust brings back glycine
  51. India’s lunar mission finds evidence of water on the Moon
  52. Strange Behaviors in Wild Life
  53. Chemtrails vs Contrails
  54. White House Star Party
  55. X-37B manifested for an April 2010 liftoff.
  56. Eye in the Sky, Netherlands canna chopper
  57. Doctors learned why Ukrainians dying!
  58. Norway Light Show, or?
  59. The New Line of Goggle
  60. Shangri-La Cave, National Geographic
  61. Nasa's Wise infrared sky probe, looking for the invisible.
  62. Sun Halo and Sonic Boom
  63. Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth
  64. Siberia Permafrost melting, Woolly mammoths resurfacing
  65. Space Shuttles to Retire!
  66. Mysterious Distribution of Temperatures on Mimas
  67. Sky Lights Up Over Southern Wisconsin
  68. Volcanic Activity
  69. North Pole rainfall
  70. Hunter shoots a Canadian bear like no other
  71. Such a Simple Concept
  72. Weird Water in Space is Electrically Charged
  73. The Gulf Oil Gusher
  74. The Sky at Night
  75. Mysterious Mountains Hidden Beneath Antarctic Ice Revealed
  76. Immortal Jellyfish
  77. Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans
  78. Sun's Strange Behavior Baffles Scientists
  79. Michael Tellinger, Researcher
  80. Fish Dying in Lake Near Columbus, ND
  81. Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare, the Enemy After Next
  82. Mass Bird and Fish Deaths Turning Up Everywhere
  83. Science takes a look at Easter
  84. History Channel, Moon is Hollow
  86. Hoagland Has Read Our Research,
  87. Structure on Mars?
  88. NASA's Dawn spacecraft
  89. Tom Van Flandern
  90. Is There a "LIGHT BARRIER"?
  91. Satellite Are Falling ! But Where?
  92. Earth from Space. New vid from SSI... August - Oct 2011
  93. Scientists Want HELP Looking for Aliens!
  94. Sooke Area Unexpainable Tremors
  95. Hunting the Edge of Space Video
  96. Clintonville Wisconsin Booming sound caught on Tape
  97. LPOD Still Pushing Bull Shit
  98. Fire Rainbows over South Florida
  99. New Mars Rover
  100. Homemade Solar USB Charger
  101. Heavy Lifting Theory....Magnetism & Anti Gravity
  102. New Comet
  103. Green Coffee Burns Fat and curbs hunger pangs
  104. New Gun Allows Cops To Capture Your DNA
  105. US government claims 100% ownership over all your DNA and reproductive rights
  106. Sonic Geometry, Music, Vibrational Healing, and (of course) BETs
  107. Philippines Has Bigest Storm in History
  108. China Reaches The Moon!
  109. What Radiation? Hurt Me?
  110. Mysterious 260-foot crater
  111. Good guys at work
  112. John Lash - Challenge to the Crop Circle Wizards
  113. Mapping the flow of galaxies across space
  114. Japanese company says it will build elevator to space by 2050
  115. The Good Old Days
  116. The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered
  117. 10 Bizarre Diseases
  118. New State of Matter
  119. Can You Speak Venusian?
  120. Rolltop portable computer
  121. Stephen Hawking Spouts More Bull Shit !
  122. He say CERN Hadron Collider has a secret purpose
  123. Doppelgangers Take DNA Test to Find Out If They're Related, 'Surprised' by Results
  124. Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment
  125. The AMAZING Cuttle Fish
  126. Global Warming
  127. Two atomic clocks flew twice around the world...they each showed different times.
  128. NASA unveils plan to test asteroid defense technique
  129. Wisconsin company wants to implant microchips in employees hands
  130. Scary Meat Glue
  131. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch