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    This web site is for those that know that our world is in deep trouble. Economically, spiritually, even emotionally we see unrest and great concern by the peoples of our world. Most people, if you ask them, seem to think we are on the verge of some great changes taking place or about to take place in our world. From all walks of life and from every direction people are talking about 2012, about the pole shift of our planet, even Armageddon and possible ET invasion. Have you noticed? Are you feeling the stress in the world today too?

    Many want to discuss these events in the world today and what may be causing them. What are your thoughts? Come talk with all of us in the forum, give us your views, What do you know that would, or could explain all this unrest. There is so much that we are not being told the truth about.

    To sign up at our forum send us your requested user name and why you want to join in by email to earthsbanner@yahoo.com and we will send you back your account password. Remember to change your password after signing in for the first time.

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