The Calling, The Choosing, The Chosen, "Saints"

    by Norval L. Cunningham

    The Calling, yes, there is a reason many are looking.

    When the bible speaks of or about the Holy Ones, Saints, The Elect, Chosen, and The Calling or Called Ones, besides other names to muddy the waters, you must remember that not all are called. It reads that "many" are called, but not all.

    So what is this calling that it talks about? First let's ask ourselves what makes mankind so valuable that there is a "calling"? Were we not "created" in the image and likeness of our creators? Some may translate that to mean created with the same attributes and qualities of our creators. Over the generations mankind has managed to discover many things about our true nature along with the ability to learn very fast. After all, our life span was originally "forever". Then cut down to just under a thousand years. Well that got cut in half to about 520 years, yet that wasn't enough to keep us from learning who what and why were here and were created in the first place. We get whacked with a couple more genetic alterations that take us to about 120 years, and finally to what we have today of 70 - 80 years. Still the truth becomes known even in the face of such adversarial forces. Not too bad for mankind I would say, we were created with some amazing tenacity for wanting to know the truth. Which takes us back to the Calling of us valuable humans.

    The Calling is an invitation to become one of those that "will judge angels". That is a Calling that carries with it a formidable responsibility. But, even though there are "many" with the calling or that have been called, few will get "chosen". Not many make the grade so to say. Not many will go out there and become arbitrators and teachers, representatives of the ruler of the universe. Judging ET's. What? Did you think we were going to judge those cute little cherubs about their harp playing? Even if all of mankind that has ever lived and died, were to be resurrected, brought back to life and given that job, we would have over 10,000 galaxies each to help keep the peace. Want a job? One that can really make a big difference in many ways for the good of all, out there?

    Well, so much for the calling, (as the room empties), didn't we tell them not to post the requirements and training till after the presentation? Not to worry, the tests are the same for everybody, man and woman, it's just the "scenery" that is different. Our personal skills in things like integrity, honor, justness, fairness, being a good neighbor are what was, or is, being tested. Unfortunately, it does say that "few" get chosen. There were two thirds of those angels / ET's out there that wanted the human race to continue and succeed in what they were created for amongst them. There were a third that didn't want mankind for their intended purpose and demanded that we be handed over for "testing" after our creation.

    With the end of that testing period ominously close the leader of that break away faction got his butt kicked and tossed out of "heaven" and down to the earth. Not a good thing for those with the Calling let alone those of the Chosen Ones still alive. The buck stops with the father of the lie, there is your last stop in the line of leadership of all those that seemingly control prison planet earth. Wanting these Called Ones found for very devious reasons is the primary goal of the hierarchy of the ET's down here at this time. Which also makes it the highest priority of certain governing agencies of world powers. Probably with out their knowledge.

    It is written that a third of mankind will be brought through the fire. This is taken to mean that two thirds of mankind will not survive what is coming. If you could read the hearts of every man, woman, and child, how many of them, today, would you want for a neighbor? Tough call, but some have to make it, or are even capable of making it. Yes, it does say that we shall not kill, but read the next couple of pages and read where it is required to kill.

    Now about those that are of the Chosen Ones. There are two groups mentioned when our King returns that are "taken up" to meet our returning King. One group are those that are alive at the time of his return that have made it through the tests of The Called Ones and are Chosen. Together with the second group they are "taken up". Here is where it starts to get really interesting. Together with the ones that were Chosen, and had died. Just as we can restore our computers by reloading all of it's programing after repairing it, "the resurrection" is a just a bit more complicated. (Now that's an understatement.)

    This is what is also referred to as the 144,000, the "first fruits" of a harvest. In all of my researching of religions and what they knew, or had learned, only one knew and had done allot of research on the topic. But what they failed to teach was the rest of the story that tells us that the 144,000 are only the "first fruits" of a HARVEST. That means there are many, many more Called Ones just waking up to the bible/ET connection. Those that make this Calling assured for themselves will get Chosen in the harvest.

    There is much more to unraveling this conspiracy of secrecy around why we were created, and who these very bad, lying, deceiving, slanderous ET's, (that are no longer wanted anywhere in the "heavens"), who got their buts kicked, and thrown down here, that want us dead. This good news of the Kingdom is about the Government of the Galaxies and why we were created. The great news is because we can now make the connection and comprehend what this has all been about and for.

    No, I don't know everything, we don't know everything, but we are learning more every day about what is truly unfolding in our time period.