Who & Why Are The ETs Amongst Us?

    Who & Why Are The ETs Amongst Us?

    With the posting of this piece of investigative research about the bible, as The Document from our creators / ETs, mankind's testing by temptations as to the true conditions of one's integrity and honor is brought to an end. How can that be? For those that have read and researched that document know that all down through the past generations, from the flood of Noah till today, mankind has been being tested as to our "hearts".

    Granted the testers, or ones testing mankind, have way overstepped their places, that being part of why the are referred to as bad ETs, well at least many have caused us needless harm and tried desperately to jealously incorporate our DNA into theirs. There again they have caused great harm, not only to mankind, but to themselves. Many of these cast down ETs, the losers of that last war in our solar system, still don't know that they have lost the war and how thoroughly they were defeated. The word is spreading amongst them that they have been lied to, by their masters, thus there is great unrest amongst the loser bad ETs now here on earth. Not to mention the older "cast outs" from the heavens that were thrown down to the earth some centuries ago by the "dragon". They too have their agendas.

    Having a bit of a go at trying to wrap your mind around such a concept? Relax, this isn't as complex as all that. Yet without The Document to reveal all the necessary information at the right time, we would all be "the blind following the blind." Till we reached technological comprehension, of at least this much of the sciences that we know today, we could not have possibly understood the true concepts of that document we call the bible.

    Allow me to introduce some of those bad ETs amongst us here on this very forum. What! you thought we would be free of them? You thought we wouldn't know they were here? Where else would you bad ETs be, but on the web trying to keep mankind from finding out the truth about you? And, let's not forget that the dragon (head honcho of the bad ETs) goes off trying to find the remaining ones of The Called and Chosen after losing the war in our solar system. Those that received The Calling are handed over to the "testers" to be tried and proven as to their hearts' integrity and honor.

    Now would be a good time to list the known agendas of the good ETs and the bad ETs, and that will be next.
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