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Thread: Perusing The Ocean Floor

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    Re: Perusing The Ocean Floor

    I noticed at about 7:30 mins of video 2 it goes into misdirrection. LOL

    Good posting.
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    Re: Perusing The Ocean Floor

    Quote Originally Posted by Norval View Post
    I noticed at about 7:30 mins of video 2 it goes into misdirrection. LOL

    Good posting.

    Yep, they sure did !


    The scientist guy narrator said the navy apparently took no samples of the beached cetaceans.

    He speculated that perhaps the navy was there for some other reason...?

    The German fisherman implied that he and his co-workers were not the only ones fishing.

    If I heard it right, he said that a creature was crawling out of a fish net in his photo

    The German fisherman seemed credible, but I could not clearly discern what was supposedly in the photo he held up.

    Anyone discern that?

    In part one, the kids at a cetacean beaching, in a dramatization filmed after the fact, apparently saw a mer-creature tangled in the seaweed. Was that supposedly based on an actual (true) event?

    So I am left speculating regarding what the narrator was implying regarding the navy's reason for being there at the beachings...?

    Was the navy's presence at the beach associated with these supposed creatures? Is the navy attacking/hunting these supposed creatures ? Since we know who runs the navy...does this imply that the navy's enemies are our friends, at least in this case ...whereas sometimes their enemies are not our friends... ?

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