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Thread: Richard C. Hoagland

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    Re: Richard C. Hoagland

    I always have had doubts about the moon landing and the pictures - live or otherwise, that have been put out for the public's viewing. In fact, I've believed they were a hoax from the beginning. Needless to say, I was just a youngin' back in them days, but very big into science fiction. It all just came about way too fast and too much of the construction of the crafts were down right hokey.

    Now, after talking at length with my husband and his actually picking up the radio transmissions from the moon's direction, and reading all about the crane, thanks to Zenbuoy, I wonder if somehow, something was sent to the moon and quickly discovered it was not meant for the eyes of earth, so they had no choice but to rig up the phony scenario. There's so much speculation and, like the Kennedy assassinations, when (AND IF) any real documentation is released to the public (yah right) will we ever truly know - that is, of course, until we get our 'library cards' after disclosure.
    Once you have all the pieces, you can finish the puzzle.

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    Re: Richard C. Hoagland

    Thanks Bobbi, thats what I was getting at.

    Maybe as you say 'something' (unmanned) was sent there, or maybe astronauts did actually go there, but it is the imagery that we have been shown that is bogus.

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    Re: Richard C. Hoagland

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