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Thread: Prisoner Cookie "Religious Deception"

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    Re: Prisoner Cookie "Religious Deception"

    Please look and listen... there is no 'religious deception' coming from me.

    This will truly be my last post.. I just felt compelled to leave this information for you all to read and listen too..

    This wonderful researcher is telling what he knows.. unlike Norval, who is officially delusional...

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    Re: Prisoner Cookie "Religious Deception"

    If by wonderful researcher you are referring to L.A. Marzulli, I bought his three books, the Nephilim, the Unholy Deception and the Revealing; read all three from cover to cover. Then I sold them. If I remember correctly, at the end of the series Marzulli mentions the two witnesses and it is very reminiscent of the Left Behind movie with the two witnesses standing there spewing flames from their mouth. Now come on, if that isn't the height of stupidity to not investigate what that actually means. They are novels with characters from the Document but they are just that novels. The man is a writer selling books that knows he can expand his audience by including the religious as well as the alien and ufo readers.
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