For simplicity there are two types of ET’s amongst us, the Good ET’s and the Bad ET’s. But there are some that are beginning to understand and talk about who they are. Some have mixed DNA, a triple helix or grafted strands of ET DNA to human DNA.

What about these ones, what happens to these ones when full disclosure happens, when King Jesus comes in the clouds or discloses His presence here?

In the past we know the Jewish tribes were told to kill them, the flood killed them because of their impure DNA but after the flood we know the mixing continued.
So here we are today in the end days facing the end of this system of management, the end of this society's way of doing things, what about this other group of individuals that to no fault of their own are what they are.

The Bible gives us several clues.
-There is the condition of one's heart.
-That at conception a Sentient Intelligent Life Form is already a member of the Kingdom of the Heavens
-Jesus died as a sacrifice so we can be forgiven our sins once and for all.
(from a song, His is the only blood we need to share)
- There is the baptism, which is the individual's recognition and loyalties to the Kingship, Monarchy Government.

Norval L Cunningham
Gale Smart