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Thread: The Book of Daniel

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    The Book of Daniel

    The Book of Daniel, Chapter 11 mentions the King of the North and the King of the South.

    Dan 11:27 The two kings, their minds bent on evil, shall sit at one table and exchange lies. But it shall not succeed, for there remains an end at the time appointed.

    The city was one of the Arab Caliphate's first conquests in 638. It is recorded in William of Tyre's Chronicles that Umar personally came to receive the key to the city by the Greek Orthodox patriarch, Sophronius, and invited to offer Muslim prayers at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Umar chose to pray[7] some distance from the church, so as not to endanger its status as a Christian temple. Fifty-five years later, the Mosque of Omar (distinct from the later, Ayyubid Mosque of Omar, located south of the church) was constructed on the site where he prayed.[citation needed][dubious – discuss] After fall of Jerusalem, Umar permitted Jews to practice their religion freely and live in Jerusalem. (See: Covenant of Umar I). Sixty years later, the Umayyad Dynasty caliph Abd al-Malik commissioned and completed the construction of the Dome of the Rock over the Foundation Stone on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
    History of Jerusalem during the Middle Ages

    More resently: May 23, 2016

    Leaders of the world’s two largest faiths reconciled with a hug and a kiss
    With a hugely symbolic hug and an exchange of kisses on the cheek, Pope Francis and the grand imam of Cairo's al-Azhar Mosque, which houses a 1,000-year-old university, took a major step toward restoring relations between major branches of the world's two largest faiths, Roman Catholicism and Sunni Islam. The two met privately for 25 minutes in the pope's private library at the Vatican.
    Leaders of the world’s two largest faiths reconciled with a hug and a kiss
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