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Thread: Stars or Alien Spacerafts?

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    Stars or Alien Spacerafts?

    Hi All,

    A while back, I had read from some channeled messages (which are usually questionable), that the position of solar system has changed much & hence we wouldn't see some of the regular stars or constellations.
    I just brushed it off then. But then, I saw George Green telling that he had learnt that stars that twinkle with blue, green & red colors can be alien spacecrafts. Ever since, I have observing the night sky. Some constellations really were missing for a long time. Only yesterday could I find the Orion constellation, but strangely, the stars now look a bit different. Most of the stars now twinkle with those same blue, green & red colors. I just get a feeling they don't genuinely look like originals. This leads to the question, are they alien spacecrafts then? What is significant here is that, in those channeled messages, it was claimed that they (whoever they are) were positioning their spacecrafts to look like constellations from the Earth.
    So I was just wondering that if I had access to a good enough telescope, then the doubt would be clarified once and for all, since anyway, we can't trust NASA or any other government agency if this is true.
    Perhaps, if anyone has telescopes or has access to telescopes, they can just have a gaze. Please do share it here too
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